Xerox Erasable Paper Developed

Xerox Erasable Paper Developed

Xerox is a name synonymous with copiers, and it has even become a verb. This time round, the company has launched yet another innovation in the form of the Xerox erasable paper which fades completely within 24 hours, allowing these pages to be recycled time and again – barring the fact that you won’t be using any permanent markers or pens to write on it. Great for printing out memos and temporary notices, although folks who like procrastinating won’t like the idea since they could miss out on plenty after leaving the dossier aside for more than 24 hours while pursuing other interests! This new erasable paper was developed because Xerox realized that up to 40% of office printouts are used for less than a day, mainly due to the irrelevancy of the data later on and that these data need but a single viewing.

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