Yamaha Audio Systems Handle iPods

Yamaha Audio Systems Handle iPods

Yamaha has a bunch of new mini systems that are compatible with Apple’s all-conquering iPod, and first in the bunch is the MCS-1330 that comes with a couple of 60W RMS power output, an amplifier, a CD player (for you to listen to your retro collection), and speakers featuring 2.5cm tweeters and 13cm woofer. The inclusion of a USB port makes it a snap to connect other portable devices, while analogue inputs cater for older devices. As for the MCR-330 and MCR-230, both will come with a lowered output of 2 x 20W, accompanied by the CD player, USB and iPod ports. Last but not least is the CRX-430 that is the smaller sibling of the MCS-1330, pumping out 2 x 25W power while retaining most of the other specifications. The MCS-1330, MCR-330, MCR-230 and CRX-430 will retail for approximately €800, €250, €230 and €220, respectively.

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