YouTube Offers iTunes And Amazon Links

YouTube Offers iTunes And Amazon Links

Looks as though Google has found yet another method to monetize YouTube as the popular Internet video service now offers embedded “click-to-buy” links in videos, and these include links to the iTunes Store and products which are referenced by YouTube videos. These retail links are located right on the “watch page” under the the video just in case you were trying to look for it, along with other community features. I am sure any click through resulting in a purchase will have Amazon and Apple offer a cut of the profit, since there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. With more ways for you to spend your money while online, it is a wonder whether we will ever get out of the economic rut we’re in these days. The retail links will slowly but surely be added into YouTube’s library of music videos, although they are available to US users at this point in time.

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